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Welcome to Air Inter VA

Welcome to Air Inter Virtual Airline

Air Inter VA is a french virtual airline based on the real Air Inter company (1957-1997) with approval from the association "Ancien d'Air Inter (ARIT)".
As the real company our goal is to provide airline schedule mostly in France. However, some time to time we are flying beyond the french border to Europe and even around the world for special event.

We are flying mainly on IVAO network (we accept also VATSIM network), using all kind of flight simulator (FS2004, FSX, XPlane, etc...). However, we do prefer flying with FS2004 as aircraft's packages provided by the VA are for FS2004 only.

We are accepting all pilots from around the world, but bear in mind that we are a french speaking VA and that the main and most important website's parts are in french only. However, we are providing a minimum of pages in english.


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